Perenzin Latteria celebrates its 20 years anniversary of Organic milk cheese production

The newspaper “Il popolo Veneto” mentioned us in one of its articles, narrating the 20th anniversary of the goat’s milk cheeses production of Perenzin Latteria.

Towards the mid-80s, when still nobody within the food sector knew, Perenzin Latteria chose to follow the organic and sustainable production trend; the first organic certification they obtained for cow’s milk cheeses dates back to 1987.

Perenzin Latteria produces goats’s milk cheeses since 1999 and these have bene certified as organic as well in the year 2000. Amongst these we must mention ricotta, soft and fresh caciottina, refined caciotte and above these the one with marc and wine from Traminer grapes that won several medals at both the Italian and the World Cheese Awards.

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