How tasty TAX EVASION was!

The history of how drunken cheeses were invented has now become a legend: farmers who during the war ended up hiding cheeses in the mounds of wine marcs to save them from the pillage of enemy soldiers. 

A poetic image… what a pity that it is not entirely TRUE!

The origin of drunken cheeses dates back to the mists of time, yet actually this cheesy treat is even more tricky than what you have been told so far.

The issue refers to a fraud that was widely diffused and recorded in the period of the Serenissima Republic of Venice: given that taxes on cheese were applied by counting the cheese wheels, whilst the taxes on wine were calculated as a lump sum and therefore not connected to the quantity within the barrels, the game of making some cheeses disappear by immersing them in the wine or in the wine marc ended up being extremely convenient.

As they say: to make a virtue out of necessity! 

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