The secret is the grater..

The secret to fully appreciate Smoked Goat Ricotta is to use the grater with large holes (the one usually used for carrots) which avoids, compared to small holess, that the product gets kneaded and attached to the kitchen’s tool.

Our Smoked Ricotta is produced from fresh Ricotta, extracted by hand and then smoked in a wood oven 🔥, as per an ancient recipe of our farmers who put this product to dry, on the fireplace, until it becomes beautifully burnished by the smoke.

Another thing that not many people know about Smoked Ricotta is that it can be stored in the freezer 🧊 and then grated directly frozen on hot dishes!

In the video below we replicate two quick and easy recipes in which to use this goodness: toasted hot bread crouton with cooked ham, semy-dry tomato and Smoked Ricotta, for gourmet aperitifs with friends, or spaghetti with tomato sauce, Taggiasche olives embellished with a generous grating of Smoked Ricotta. The flavor and smoking are well balanced with the sweetness of bread or pasta.

We also like recommend it on pumpkin gnocchi with butter and sage, on stuffed ravioli, in winter on legume soups or vegetable soups 🥣 but also cut in cubes on fresh seasonal salads or grilled vegetables. 🥗