Perenzin Latteria,
cheese creators
since 1898

Five generations have passed since we have dedicated ourselves to the creation of cheeses that best express the features of the three different milk types we process within our dairy: goat’s, cow’s and buffalo’s milk. Milk of extremely high quality, mainly coming from the Veneto region and from the National Park of Belluno Dolomites. We have been pioneers with reference to the processing of organic milk and leaders for over 20 years, in Italy, as far as the production of organic goat’s milk cheeses is concerned.

We literally put our hands into it...

We have always used handcrafted procedures to create our cheeses, by processing every morning the milk of our suppliers, mainly coming from green pastures of the Dolomites. In our dairy our cheesemaker personally carries out all working procedures, as a consequence still today just like as in the past, all operations are done manually, even though modern technology supports the different production phases. Cheeses follow their own aging course on the wooden planks of our warehouse, where everyday they are checked and reversed by our workers. Even the packaging and the labelling are not automated: the result is a working process made by many hands for a method that is 100% handcrafted.

Happy Goats
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Liters of Goat's Milk since 1999

Discover our supply chain...

1. Buffaloes, cows and happy goats
2. Milking and transportation of milk
3. Arrival of the milk at the dairy
4. Production
5. Aging
6. Refinement
7. Quality Control
8. Packaging and Shipping
9. Our Cheeses Worldwide
10. Happy Consumers
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Tours & Guided cheese tastings at Perenzin Latteria

Visit the historical company museum, take a tour of the aging warehouse and enjoy our guided sensory tastings of the cheeses made by Perenzin Latteria paired with wines of our territory.

The Index of the Cheesemaker

Discover the milk itinerary step by step within our supply chain, try our cooking recipes and stay updated on our news and prizes… Enjoy your reading!
The Cheesemaker

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