From making a mistake to reaching EXCELLENCE.

Everybody makes mistakes, “who does nothing can never do anything wrong” said our grandpa!

Then it depends on what you do get wrong and most of all how many are the damages.

In ancient times the flaking of cheese wheels was considered as one of the worst defects, actually like if it were a synonym of bad quality of the milk or a synonym of a technological error happened during production. Still today it can be considered as a mistake and if a cheese wheel flakes when it should be compact then there is a shortcoming… Unless… Unless…

Unless our cheesemaker decides to make such mistake on purpose.

How is that? The ability to manage the existing variables in order to obtain a paste with no defects is used to produce a “wrong” cheese where the flakes are filled with Marzemino Passito wine or with Black Truffles from Acqualagna. 

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From making a mistake to reaching excellence

Refining the cheese only after the aging process is finished

Edible rind

Origin of the milk: North of Italy

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