"Felix Icis"

A place with an abundance of FERNS.

Who would have ever said it? In the past, the hills of the Town of San Pietro di Feletto did not only have vineyards of Glera grapes, yet also forests where fern used to grow green and flourishing! Well yes and it is precisely from this plant (from the latin words felix-icis, “the place that abounds with ferns”) that came the name of the town where Perenzin Latteria is located, as well as the name of one of its most iconic cheeses: the Feletto.

Feletto is the soft cheese historically produced from our Dairy; grandpa Angelo imprinted each cheese wheel with an aluminum mark that said “San Pietro di Feletto”, which eventually broke into two halves, this way giving birth to the two names: “San Pietro” and “Feletto”.

The name “Feletto” is still used today to indicate soft cheeses, whilst “San Pietro” indicates hard cheeses.

Feletto with raw milk, Squared Feletto, San Pietro in Beeswax, Mezzanino and Tina the Felettina are those cheeses, made with 100% cow’s milk coming from the North of Italy, which have been and continue to be the protagonists of the history of Perenzin Latteria!

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Aging of the cheeses on planks made of spruce wood

Turning of the cheese wheels by hand

Ancient family recipe

Origin of the milk: North of Italy

Cow’s milk

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