Is TIME the secret?

Do you know that sad feeling you get when you eat an insignificant little piece of cheese bought at the supermarket and you ask yourself why? Why does it have no taste?

It’s something that happens to everyone, sometimes you really do not have alternatives, that is what you can buy and that is what you do buy.

A trickery which is more or less always the same: the flat taste of industry. This is what we fight against: the homologation of tastes, the flattening of flavors.

The right aging is the secret.

You cannot expect that a fresh cheese, produced very rapidly and only slightly dried, may have an explosive taste.

Instead, at Perenzin Latteria, we patiently wait for the right aging to take place, because all our cheeses, even before being genuine, made with milk coming from local and organic suppliers, are also nice and tasteful.

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Extraction and moulding made by hand

We wait for the appropriate aging to take place

Milk origin: North of Italy

Labeling and packaging made by hand

No preservatives

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