Latteria Perenzin Formaggi Biologici

The word organic is not sufficient!!!

If you eat Organic will you be changing the world? Are you sure? Apparently it seems so, you actually just look at the label, there’s the tiny green leaf so the product is certified and that’s it! However, not all organic products have the same quality.

Are the Organic products made with raw materials coming from abroad the same as the Organic products coming from local suppliers? Of course not!

Sometimes you cannot choose because you do not have all the information you need.

Here at Perenzin Latteria we offer you what comes from local suppliers: we produce Organic cheeses with milk coming from the North of Italy that we buy from the same farms we have been trusting for over 20 years and each product that we bring on the table of Italian families is the result of artisan labor carried out by people who work for and believe in our project day after day.

Every snack made with the Ricotta “Capre Felici”, every salad with small Magrello cubes, are the final agricultural act of our Organic supply chain. Every pasta with tomato sauce and with a grating of San Pietro in Beeswax, every aperitif paired with some wedges of Goat’s milk cheese in Hay has a positive effect for the many people who live thanks to local suppliers.

Hurray for Organic products!
Hurray for Craftmanship!

Our signature

1987 Year of the beginning of the Organic production

Local Supply Chain

Our suppliers have been loyal to us for over 20 years

Origin of the milk: North of Italy


"Capre Felici"

Our brand “Capre Felici” is distributed in all NaturaSì stores and in the best Organic shops around Italy. Many of the goat’s milk cheeses we make have microbial rennet, suitable for vegetarian diets.

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