WOW or nothing.

How can you survive to a homemade aperitif and make a good impression on your guests?

A good wine, some cheese wedges, the usual cheese will do. Hardly will you hear complaints, yet hardly will you hear your guests say: “WOW what is this lovely thing?” This is the impact made by our REFINED cheeses.

It is the mantra that always guided us in the creation of each new refinement process.

It is the basic idea that enabled us, as years went by, to conquer several prizes within the most prestigious international competitions.

Every single refined cheese of our range has its own character and its own special attitude, but still always resulting into a WOW.

Our signature

More than 20 international awards 

We refine cheeses we produce ourselves 

We refine cheeses only acting on the rind

Researches made on the ingredients for an harmonious taste

Origin of the milk: North of Italy

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