The history behind
Perenzin Latteria

How many family dramas can be settled during 120 years of history? Just think about 5 generations of brothers, parents, sons and also grandparents who work together and try and imagine how many fights!

In the end, however, it doesn’t matter if brothers and sisters don’t agree with each other, nor does it matter if husband and wife part from each other, in our family what really matters is CHEESE and to keep going, in any case; grandpa Egidio used to say: “Cows don’t go on holidays, don’t you know?” (translated from typical local dialect).

The passion for craftmanship and the commitment towards milk processing are the values that always enable us to overcome any obstacle.

Today almost 20 people that work within production are part of Perenzin family, as well as some hundreds of people that manage the cow and goat barns and finally thousands of people all around Italy and worldwide who appreciate our cheeses everyday.

We like to think it this way and we thank you all for this.

Founding year of Perenzin Latteria
Golden medal won at the Salons des Arts Menagères in Bruxelles

The first of the many international awards conquered by Perenzin Latteria.

Production of the first Organic cow’s milk cheese

Perenzin Latteria is amongst the pioneers for Organic milk processing.

Production of the first Organic goat’s milk cheese and creation of the brand “Capre Felici”, which translates into Happy Goats from the Italian.

Discover the brand Capre Felici amongst our Organic milk cheeses.

First cheese exported in the United States of America

Cheeses by Perenzin Latteria trespass overseas and conquer the best stores of Italy.

Foundation of the International Academy of Dairy Art

Visit the website of the International Academy of Dairy Art

Birth of PER Shop and Cheese Bar

Visit the website of our PER Shop and Cheese Bar

The cheese San Pietro in Beeswax wins the golden medal as Best European Cheese

Read the article on the victory of this important prize.

The Limited Edition of the Goat’s milk cheese Tonka & Vermouth wins the trophy San Lucio 2021

Read the article on the victory of this important prize.

PER Shop & Cheese Bar

Opened in 2012, our PER Shop & Cheese Bar, other than giving the chance to buy all the variety of Perenzin Cheeses, as well as some refined charcuterie and other crafted and gourmet specialties, also presents the innovative formula Cheese Bar, focused on high-end gastronomic proposals and on the touristic offer based on guided tours and tastings within the historical company museum and inside the aging warehouse of Perenzin Latteria.

International Academy of Dairy Art

The AIAC, Italian acronym for International Academy of Dairy Art, was founded in 2011 by Perenzin Latteria together with the Association of Rural Families, with the aim of promoting training courses on cheesemaking art.

Carlo Piccoli, key figure and current President of the Academy, other than dedicating his time to doing the courses, this way transferring the knowledge he learnt during several years of direct experience, is also a consultant for dairy technology in Italy and abroad.