“San Pietro in Beeswax Best European Cheese”

In 2015, at the Global Cheese Awards, the cheese San Pietro in Beeswax was elected Best Italian and Best European Cheese. This renowned cheese made by Perenzin Latteria became one amongst the 60 excellent handmade cheeses in the world. Such cheese, made with 100% cow’s milk cheese, is covered on its rind by natural beeswax […]

“Refined cheese by Perenzin Latteria wins the trophy San Lucio 2021”

Goat’s milk cheese with Tonka and Vermouth conquers the first place. On 20 June 2021, at the castle Pandino of Cremona, the 9th edition of CaseoArt – Trophy San Lucio took place. Perenzin Latteria and their cheesemaker Luca Longo conquer the first place thanks to the Goat’s milk cheese with Tonka and Vermouth, a selected […]