Latteria Perenzin
organic cow cheeses

These organic cheeses are made with milk produced by the San Michele Cooperative.

cows at San Michele Cooperative

This is an organization set up in 1987 by a group of people interested in Anthroposophy, the intention being to create a centre that would include a biodynamic farming operation while also carrying on agricultural and cultural training activities. Situated at Manzana di Conegliano in the Veneto Region of Italy, the San Michele farm occupies some 50 hectares, 25 of which owned by the cooperative, and is a complete agricultural organism with cowshed, seed plots, vineyard and an extensive market garden covering over 10 hectares, at Breda di Piave.
The biodynamic cultivation method in use at San Michele was developed along the lines indicated by Dr. Rudolf Steiner to a group of farmers who can lay full claim to being the first ecologists of the century, having as early as 1924 begun to concern themselves with the diminishing fertility of the soil and the quality of its produce.
Biodynamic agriculture embraces the fundamental principle of careful “cumulative” composting, and the use of “preparations” that are genuine accumulators of cosmic forces.

“The ABC for judging the entire process of growing the plant lies in knowing always what in the plant is cosmic and what is terrestrial.”

Rudolf Steiner