Latteria Perenzin
traditional and affiné

Memories: the smell of the parlour with milk ready for collection, of newly cut grass, of dry hay, of the stalls... a living heritage that still plays a part today in the numerous different processes characterizing Perenzin dairy products: raw milk cheeses (including the renowned CASTEL FORMAGGIO MEDIEVALE); MONTASIO (the DOP cheese of our area); formajo ciock (from the centuries-old custom of hiding cheeses in fermenting grape must, so as to conceal them from raiders, in time of war... or from the master’s accounting ledger)... and other delectable affineur specialities...

formajo ciock

We regard the cheeses we make as “creatures”, rearing them to just the right stage of maturation. The singular merit of our company is its ability to keep “creating” new cheeses: innovative products, certainly, but always firmly linked to local history and traditions.