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White chocolate praline and liquorice, casatella (soft cheese) and lemon

White chocolate praline and liquorice, casatella (soft cheese) and lemon


Ingredients for 6 servings

For the white chocolate cream:
250 g Fresh cream
25 g Milk
70 g White chocolate
2,5 g Isinglass

For the liquorice:
20 g pure liquorice root
200 g Water
25 g Sugar
2,5 g Gelatine

With casatella cheese and lemon:
100 g Fresh milk
25 g Fresh cream
35 g Sugar
A pinch of stabilizer
Lemon juice and a lemon peel
100 g Casatella cheese



For the white chocolate: warm the cream and the milk, pour it over the chocolate and mix, add the gelatine soaking in cold water and keep it lay for 3 hours.
Melt the liquorice with the water and sugar until the syrup becomes of around 100 g. Seep it and add the gelatine and frieze the mixture in small ice sticks.
Con l’aiuto di una sac-a-poche riempire degli stampi di forma semisferica con la crema di cioccolato bianco, inserire al centro un cubetto di liquirizia ghiacciata, far rapprendere in congelatore per tre ore circa e sformare.
With a sac-a-pooches fill the hemispheric moulds with the white chocolate cream, insert in the middle an iced liquorice square; after putting them in the freezer for around 3 hours take them out. Brush these moulds with melted white chocolate and sprinkle the cocoa on. They will be perfect when the temperature inside is of 7-8 °C.

For the ice cream: boil the cream, the milk and the sugar with the grated lemon peel. Cool the mixture; add the lemon juice, casatella cheese and the stabilizer. Emulsify with a mixer and pour it in a freezer. Serve the white chocolate praline on a cold plate; sprinkle on it the minced pistachio nuts and one teaspoon of casatella cheese cream.


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