Latteria Perenzin
BLOSSOM tortellini with red turnip, butter and sage, fettuccine with vegetables and extra aged Montasio


Ingredients for 4 servings

200 g Thin egg pasta
150 g Boiled red turnip puree
50 g Boiled potatoes
50 g Mascarpone
400 g Mixed vegetables of the season
20 g Shallot
2 Sage leaves
150 g Extra aged Montasio



Add in a pot the red turnips with the boiled potatoes and mascarpone. Dress the mixture with salt and work it until you have it smooth.
Cut the pasta in little squares of around 5x5, put the mixture in the centre of the squares, close them in the middle to create a triangle and wrap them beginning from the widest size.
Roll the borders and close to have a tortellino shape. Peel the vegetables and cut them in strips (carrots, zucchinis, asparaguses, celery are good…) and keep away for later. Chop up the shallot.
In a pan put the sage leaves and the butter, melt them on a low fire; add the vegetables and the shallot and brown them fast for 2 minutes.
Cook and drain the pasta, and serve it in a warm plate, cover it with salted vegetables and sprinkle with extra aged Montasio squares.



This receipt makes me think about the reborn, about the spring and its blossom, a fresh plate that is unique and well balanced: a good cheese combined with fresh vegetables and a little quantity of pasta.


This is one of the twelve receipts created by the famous chef Fabio Campoli inspired by the twelve cheese finalists at the competition “Grolla d’oro- Formaggi d’Autore 2009, national competition Formaggi d’autore, The best Italian cheese”.