Latteria Perenzin
Potatoes ravioli with flakes of Medioeval Cheese

Potatoes ravioli with flakes of Medioeval Cheese


Ingredients for 4 servings

For egg pasta:
500 g Flour 00
320 g eggs (3 whole eggs and the remaining yolks)
15 g salt

For the stuffing:
300 potatoes cooked dried in the oven
(see the procedure)
50 g (Alpine hut) butter
9 g salt
170 g mascarpone
50 g milk

To garnish:
150 g medieval cheese to flake



Prepare the egg pasta rolling the flour making a well in the centre, add the eggs and the salt, and work the dough, and let it lay for about 1 hour.

In the meantime bake the potatoes drying them in the oven (keep them whole with their peels, without any fats, for 45 minutes). Peel the cooked potatoes, crush them, and merge them with the other remaining ingredients.

Roll out the thin dough and stretch it, cut it in the sizes you desire, put the stuffing and close the pasta with the fingers.

Cook for a few minutes the ravioli in salted water (taste them because the time of cooking depends on the dimensions and thickness of them), put them in a pan on a fire with the melting (Alpine hut) butter and serve the ravioli with some flakes of medieval cheese on them.


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