Latteria Perenzin

It often happens that we set off to do a tasting somewhere, and come home happy at having discovered something extra. This was the case just recently: on a trip to Susegana, to attend the superb Vino in Villa event and see the newly renovated Castello dei Conti Collalto, while sampling the best of the local Prosecco (a huge success, it should be said, greatly enhanced by the contributions of Chiara Lungarotti and other wine tourism mentors), we were amazed by the products of a local cheesemaker.
The Latteria Perenzin di Bagnolo of S. Pietro di Feletto (Treviso, Via Cervano 85, tel.043821355; there are two other retail outlets in the Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto area) produces cow’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses typical of the Treviso Marches, which if not universally famous are undoubtedly a real treat for genuine cheese buffs. Take Castèl, for example, a full fat and rich cheese inspired by Mediaeval tradition, made using high fat milk from two selected parlours. A real surprise: one of those cheeses that moved our grandparents to declare that no repast can be complete without the taste of cheese lingering in the mouth. Goat cheeses include varieties of robiola, either plain (highly palatable) or flavoured with chives, also caciotta and a stronger caciottona, ricotta and small roundels of primo sale. All made with organic milk from certified sources.
On the cow’s milk side, we have a classic Veneto cheese, the ciock (soaked in grape must), San Pietro (vegetable rennet, smooth paste and distinctive aroma), and more robiola and caciotta varieties, again organic. A place definitely worth a visit, just to sample these smooth robiola cheeses with freshly baked bread and a glass of chilled Prosecco: made for each other. A guaranteed treat for the taste buds.

Tommaso Farina