Latteria Perenzin

SAN PIETRO DI FELETTO. For some days now, a special product from San Pietro di Feletto has been available from no less a retailer than the famous Harrods department store in London. The item in question is an organic ricotta made from goat’s milk by Perenzin Latteria snc. “We were especially gratified to learn from our distributors that our ricotta was on sale at the cheese counter of this great store”, says Carlo Piccoli, “definitely wonderful news”. Milk is procured by Perenzin from producers in the Belluno area, from Lentiai to Mel, and according to the company, the demand for goat cheeses is very much on the increase, not only in Italy but throughout Europe. Hardly surprising: “after all”, say the proprietors, “dairy products made from goat’s milk are actually superior to those made from cow’s milk”.