Latteria Perenzin

In keeping with tradition, the Wine festival held at San Pietro di Feletto — this year for the thirty-fourth time — rounds off the ever-successful Primavera del Prosecco season. It should be said that among the many events organized, the exhibition staged at the Camaldolensian Hermitage of Mount Rua stands out for the care given to the installation, the choice of wines served by knowledgeable experts, and the excellent organization provided by members of San Pietro’s Pro Loco under their leader Luciana Pradal. Among the gastronomic attractions of the event was the evening dedicated to wines and cheeses of the area, which was both well-attended and much enjoyed. Small wonder, since San Pietro di Feletto is by happy coincidence the home of the Perenzin family, cheesemakers for generations, renowned and respected for their products not only in Italy but farther afield too (London, for example, where their goat’s milk caciotta can be found on sale in Harrods famous Food Hall). Simply by combining Perenzin cheeses with wines of the area — naturally with care and skill — the organizers were able to offer a rare and unique eating experience. An example that might well be heeded by those restaurants and farm holiday operators who often put on over-elaborate and cluttered menus while ignoring the fresh and simple fare available on their own doorsteps. Well done the Pro Loco, and well done Perenzin. One hopes that others will learn the lesson.

Alessandro De Bastioni

(Pro Loco - civic arts, culture and tourism association operating in many Italian towns)