Latteria Perenzin

Goat’s milk ricotta from San Pietro di Feletto on the dining table of Queen Elizabeth? Why not, given that it can be purchased from the most famous grocery store in the world, Harrods Food Hall. The Knightsbridge department store is a supplier to the royal family, and now offers a speciality from the Treviso Marches: organic ricotta made from goat’s milk.
A real surprise for Carlo Piccoli, proprietor of the Latteria Perenzin di San Pietro di Feletto, whose goat ricotta is retailed throughout Italia, and now on sale in London too.
Not that anyone shopping in Harrods would bat an eyelid even were they to see Her Majesty wandering through the departments, or even stopping to taste the ricotta of San Pietro... In effect, the famous Harrods motto “everything for everybody everywhere” is known right around the world, and the numbers are certainly amazing:
111,500 square metres of floor space, of which 74,000 used for retailing. Over 300,000 visitors a day, and 5,000 staff from more than 50 different countries ready to satisfy the customer’s every whim. The entire operation packed into 330 departments occupying seven floors of a palatial building lit up on the outside by 11,500 light bulbs.
Harrods really can supply almost anything, from “A” for aircraft or alligators, to “Z” for... obviously zoo. And today “R” for ricotta: goat’s milk ricotta from San Pietro di Feletto, alongside the Mediaeval “castel”, a compact and slightly crumbly cheese made from cow’s milk, on the one hand, and perhaps a creamy Camembert from Normandy on the other.
Her Majesty is spoilt for choice.