Latteria Perenzin

The Summer Fancy Food Show in New York is enthusiastically welcoming Perenzin cheeses

Summer Fancy Food

From 9 to 11 July 2006, New York hosted the international Summer Fancy Food Show. Our company featured at the stand of Atlanta Foods Ltd, which imports and distributes Perenzin produce nationwide throughout the USA.

Countless US and even European traders attended the three-day sampling event. Perenzin cheeses achieved notable success as Italian flavours proved to be a big hit with even the most discerning of US palates. Most popular were the medieval Castel, Traminer goat's cheese, Millefoglie al Marzemino and Caciottona organic goat's cheese.

The general wave of enthusiasm for Italian food then swelled to a crescendo thanks to the Italian national team's winning performance at the World Cup. All the Italians present at the fair watched the match on a giant screen displayed at the entrance to the exhibition stalls, just like the fans outside the match stadium itself. The audience was split between a small but vocal section of France supporters and a large crowd of Italians joined by numerous supporters from around the world. One could say that It was an event in which Italy gained the upper hand over France, both in terms of popularity and, we hope, cuisine.