Latteria Perenzin
Press release 09.05.2014 - Cibus, Alma Caseus 2014: the Goat’s milk Cheese Infossato awarded at Parma

Yesterday the first prize was awarded to the Goat’s milk Cheese Infossato of Perenzin Dairy in the category “Formaggi Emozione” – “Emotion Cheese” of Alma Caseus 2014, the national contest dedicated to the Italian dairy world.

Carlo Piccoli receives the prize directly from the hands of Renato Brancaleoni

After having been elected as best professional in the 2012 edition of Alma Caseus at Cibus, yesterday master cheese maker Carlo Piccoli, of Perenzin Dairy at Bagnolo in the province of Treviso, won the first prize of the national dairy contest in the category “Formaggi Emozione” – “Emotion Cheese” with the “Goat’s milk Cheese Infossato” and he received such prize directly from the hands of Renato Brancaleoni, lecturer at Alma and renowned affineur.
A dairy creation that thrilled the Alma Caseus panel thanks to the peculiar taste given by the long ageing period which takes place in the earth cavities. The custom of maturing cheese underground, which is where the name of the cheese comes from, was handed down during the centuries and the origin of such habit arises from the need to hide food in the brigandage period, a very common phenomenon in ancient times.
The Alma Caseus contest was held at the fair Cibus at Parma and was organized from the most eminent Italian culinary arts school in the world, the dean of which is the chef Gualtiero Marchesi and where the teaching staff includes the most important Italian chefs and confectioners. The winning cheeses of this competition have been selected and evaluated by a very high quality panel, made up of the most eminent experts affineurs and producers.
The production processes of the dairy at Bagnolo in the province of Treviso are directed by Carlo Piccoli, who has nearly thirty years of experience in all areas of the dairy chain. In these same days the career of Matteo Piccoli has just started, he is the son of Carlo and Emanuela, cheese maker of the fifth generation. And the story goes on.