Latteria Perenzin
Press release 18.12.2013 - Carlo Piccoli’s cheeses triumph at the World Cheese Award 2013

Perenzin Dairy ends the year 2013 with style; the Montasio Vecchio Dop was awarded the golden medal, whilst the Caciottona di Capra in Foglia di Noce – Walnut-leaf flavoured Goat’s milk Caciottona was awarded the silver medal at the XXV edition of the World Cheese Award 2013, which was held at Birmingham in England.

Gold and Silver medal

The extraordinary success of the Perenzin cheeses does not cease. At the recent award ceremony of the World Cheese Award 2013, the famous and heterogeneous international exhibition dedicated to the dairy excellences held at Birmingham in England, the historical dairy in the Veneto Region won the golden medal for the Montasio Vecchio Dop and the silver medal for the Caciottona di Capra in Foglia di Noce – Walnut-leaf flavoured Goat’s milk Caciottona. The protagonist of the success of this edition is Carlo Piccoli, master cheese maker of the Dairy at Bagnolo in the province of Treviso, who creates excellent cow’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses, award winning in the most renowned contests of the sector. A couple of years ago Carlo Piccoli has also become lecturer at the “Accademia Internazionale dell’Arte Casearia” - “International Academy of Cheese Making Art”, the only secondary school entirely dedicated to cheese making art in Italy, located at Bagnolo (TV); here aspiring cheese makers are taught the art of a profession that is becoming more and more industrialized: the producer of artisanal and excellent cheese.

For more than twenty years the World Cheese Awards has been an important showcase on a global level and it is one of the most known and influential dairy contests in the world, bringing together purchasers and sellers of the sector. In the 2013 edition more than 2.777 types of cheese coming from 30 different countries competed and they were judged by 250 buyers. The contest is organised each year in England by John Farrand, chairman of the association Guild of Fine Food, which gathers more than 1.200 producers, high quality artisanal shops and distribution chains such as Harrods and Fortnum & Mason.

The Montasio Vecchio Dop of the Perenzin Dairy is a cheese that has a long persistence and that rests for more than twelve months so as to give a scent of elegant herbaceous aromas. When tasting it, one can feel a pleasantly rough texture that is almost without eyes and that is capable of melting in the mouth; whilst the Caciottona di Capra in Foglia di Noce – Walnut-leaf flavoured Goat’s milk Caciottona is a semi-mature cheese, made with pure organic goat’s milk (Bios certificate), it is a semi-hard cheese with a slightly friable texture. With a consistent, savoury and harmonic flavour, this caciotta is obtained by rennet coagulation and is matured in walnut leaves so as to develop a unique, strong and tangy taste.

«Our cheeses, winners at the World Cheese Award at Birmingham, – declares Carlo Piccoli, master cheese maker of Perenzin Dairy – were appreciated by the renowned panel of the contest for their originality in their way of strongly representing the territory. The milk that we use is exclusively obtained by cows and goats of the Veneto Region and by production processes that include the artisanal method handed down by four generations of master cheese makers».

Perenzin Dairy promoter of excellence in the Made in Italy dairy industry
Perenzin Dairy has been producing excellent artisanal cheeses for four generations, both from cow’s and goat’s milk, as well as organic certified cheeses for more than ten years. Thanks to its use of accurately selected local raw materials and to the constant research of natural and genuine properties in the cheeses, Emanuela’s and Carlo Piccoli’s dairy has become an established promoter of high quality dairy culture both in Italy and in the world. Having won two medals at the World Cheese Award 2013, Perenzin Dairy scores another important point in favour of the Made in Italy and of the excellent products of our country.