Latteria Perenzin
Press release 07.10.2012 - CASEUS VENETI 2012 Multi-award-winning historical Perenzin Dairy

Undisputed winner of “Caseus Veneti 2012”, Perenzin Dairy of Bagnolo di San Pietro di Feletto was the protagonist of the contest. Shower of golden and silver medals for the quality of its cheeses which obtained an impressive 8 major awards.

Goat’s milk Aged Caciottona

Bagnolo (TV), October 2012 – It was the mostly awarded dairy at Caseus Veneti 2012, an unprecedented record for the historical Perenzin Dairy who brought home three first places, four second places and a bronze one. In addition, the ONAF merit plaque – delegation of the Veneto Region – was assigned to the “Goat’s milk Cheese drunken with Traminer wine”, the best cheese amongst typical traditional cheeses.

The renowned panel of the contest assigned to master cheese maker Carlo Piccoli and to Emanuela Perenzin, great granddaughter of the founder of the historical dairy in the province of Treviso, three golden medals in the categories “Montasio Dop Mezzano 5-10 months”, “Goat’s milk Cheese drunken with Traminer wine” and “Goat’s milk Robiola”, as well as four silver medals in the sections “Aged Montasio”, “Organic Cow’s milk Caciotta”, “Goat’s milk Caciottona with pepper” and “Goat’s milk Aged Caciottona” and a third place in the category fresh cheese. The factors that established the success of the cheeses of Perenzin Dairy, which were appreciated by the board of this selection, are their typicality, anchored to the tradition of the Veneto Region, together with the strong ability to innovate, characteristics that made them the expression of taste at the highest levels. A lucky year for the dairy of Bagnolo, since just a few months ago its master cheese maker Carlo Piccoli was awarded as best professional at the contest Alma Caseus at Cibus.

During the two-days exhibition of dairy excellences of the Veneto Region, held on the last weekend in the luxurious rooms of Villa Ca’ Vendri, at Quinto di Valpantena, in the province of Verona, there were the award ceremonies and the events that highlighted the incomparable heritage of the entire sector, which counts more than seventy different types of cheese. The exhibition in the province of Verona saw the participation of the best producers and consortia of the Veneto Region, 351 cheeses for the 35 categories of the competition, representing one of the most important economic realities of the region. On such occasion there also was the promotion of a niche market of excellence, in which cheese is made by processing approximately 85% of the 11 million quintals of milk produced in the breeding farms of the Veneto Region.

Perenzin Dairy cares not only about quality, but also about how to welcome customers and about the promotion of the excellence of the dairy world, something that became even more evident with the opening of the new Cheese bar PER, “Percorsi Enogastronomici di Ricerca” – “Food and Wine Research Journeys”, a place where everything revolves around cheese. The innovative formula “eating table and shop” devotes extensive spaces to gastronomy and showcases the best dairy production of organic cow’s and goat’s milk cheeses, with some twenty tables surrounded by walls that display exquisite bottles and other delicacies of the territory; all this is seasoned with cultural moments and good music.

The production processes, directly managed by Carlo Piccoli, “Master Cheese Taster” ONAF (“Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori di Formaggi” – “National Association of Cheese Tasters”) with twenty years of experience on the entire dairy chain, are carried out with artisanal methods and focus on traditional organic cow’s and goat’s milk cheeses. Even education is a subject that Emanuela and Carlo really care for, to the extent that they gave birth to the first “Accademia Internazionale dell’Arte Casearia” - “International Academy of Cheese Making Art”, where young and future cheese makers can learn the art of processing milk and producing cheeses linked to traditions of their territory. The Academy is at Bagnolo, in the same headquarters of the dairy that, starting from this year, has developed a rich training program with practical and theoretical lessons, tasting sessions and guided tours, with the aim of bringing up young people capable of handing down the wise mastery of artisanal cheese makers and of reintroducing an ancient profession.