Latteria Perenzin
Press release 25.09.2012 - The Dino Villani 2012 Award assigned to Perenzin dairy for the excellent production

The XXIV Dino Villani 2012 award was assigned to Perenzin Dairy for its excellent production of artisanal cheeses.

“Dino Villani” Award 2012

Emanuela Perenzin and the master cheese maker Carlo Piccoli received the Dino Villani 2012 award directly from the hands of Carlo Marsella, representative of the “Accademia Italiana della Cucina” – “Italian Cuisine Academy”, a few evenings ago at the restaurant Cheese bar PER with the presence of many guests.

This prestigious prize, now at its XXIV edition, established in order to remember Dino Villani, the great founder of the Italian Academy in 1952, who also was a journalist, a painter and a publicist, is assigned each year to a company that promotes traditional cooking linked to local territory and it rewards all those who are at the head of artisanal businesses and want to promote typical products in order to make them well-known and valued even outside the territory where they are made.

The reason behind the assignment of the prize to Perenzin Dairy is the production of excellent artisanal cheeses, a characteristic attributed to the San Pietro in Beeswax, a matured cheese with a compact texture and a rind finished with natural beeswax on the surface.

The production processes are directly managed by Carlo Piccoli, who has twenty years of experience on the entire dairy chain. Carlo started to work in the dairy in 1984 and at the beginning he produced only three types of cheese, butter and ricotta. He describes himself as an “experimenter” cheese maker, a vocation which developed thanks to his “double” job, that one in the production site and the other one in the shop, something which enabled him to have a direct feedback from customers during the years. The turning point for Perenzin Dairy came in 2005 when, during the participation at the international fair Anuga in Colonia, Carlo and Emanuela met an American importer. Today the dairy exports in the USA as well as in Canada, Finland, Sweden, England, Holland, Belgium and only recently in South East Asia too. The cheeses of Perenzin Dairy are sold in specialised stores, delicatessen and gastronomy shops throughout Italy.