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Organic goat cheeses



The organic goat’s milk we use is procured from an extensive production area located in the Valle del Piave (Belluno Dolomites National Park). Thanks to the dedication of eight dairy goat farmers, we are able to count on a yearly supply of some 400,000 kg, giving us a high profile among Italian producers of organic goat cheese. Our organic dairy products made from goat’s milk are distributed currently throughout Italy, and retailed through shops specializing in organic foods.

Our organic goat cheeses, with their delicate aroma and light consistency, are easily digested and low in fat (compared to other varieties of goat cheese currently on the market). Importantly, this means they can be enjoyed even by consumers discovering these products for the first time, be it out of necessity (cases of inability to tolerate cow’s milk are becoming more and more frequent), or simple curiosity, or a desire to adopt and maintain correct eating habits.

Easy to digest, nutritious, recommended in particular for children and the elderly, goat’s milk can play an important part in any healthy and balanced diet. It is a food rich in iron and zinc, and well tolerated by many allergy sufferers.

The superior digestibility of goat’s milk and its derivatives is attributable to the nature of the fat globules contained in the milk: smaller, and composed of short chain fatty acids, elements indispensable to the well-being of our organism. Also worthy of note: the goat is the only animal unaffected by any form of cancer.

Goat cheeses have unique flavours and aromas, and are perfectly at home on the table of the most discerning gourmet!


Organic cow cheeses



These organic cheeses are made with milk produced by the San Michele Cooperative.

This is an organization set up in 1987 by a group of people interested in Anthroposophy, the intention being to create a centre that would include a biodynamic farming operation while also carrying on agricultural and cultural training activities. Situated at Manzana di Conegliano in the Veneto Region of Italy, the San Michele farm occupies some 50 hectares, 25 of which owned by the cooperative, and is a complete agricultural organism with cowshed, seed plots, vineyard and an extensive market garden covering over 10 hectares, at Breda di Piave.
The biodynamic cultivation method in use at San Michele was developed along the lines indicated by Dr. Rudolf Steiner to a group of farmers who can lay full claim to being the first ecologists of the century, having as early as 1924 begun to concern themselves with the diminishing fertility of the soil and the quality of its produce.
Biodynamic agriculture embraces the fundamental principle of careful «cumulative» composting, and the use of «preparations» that are genuine accumulators of cosmic forces.

«The ABC for judging the entire process of growing the plant lies in knowing always what in the plant is cosmic and what is terrestrial».

Rudolf Steiner





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